Free Spanish lessons by Maria Fernandez

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Free Spanish Mini-Course

Learn to order food, familiarise yourself with the main verbs, get pronunciation tips, expand your vocabulary, find out how to learn Spanish super fast, and more. All in ten step-by-step audio lessons. Totally free!

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Learn Spanish At Your Own Pace – Video Course – Free Lesson

Play the free lesson from this step-by-step course for beginners. With speaking & listening drills.

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Spanish Verbs – Video Course – Free Lesson

Master some of the most common Spanish verbs in just a few minutes. With speaking & listening drills.

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Podcast – Speak Spanish with Maria Fernandez

Every week I bring you a step-by-step lesson with speaking and listening drills. Available on all podcast platforms.

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YouTube videos – Speak Spanish with Maria

Step-by-step video lessons. Do you want to become fluent in Spanish fast? Subscribe today!

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Free streaming: Spanish Audiobooks by Maria Fernandez

Learn Spanish with Maria Fernandez’s audiobooks, wherever you are. Step-by-step lessons with speaking and listening drills.

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