Paperback - Fluent in Spanish

The Best Tips & Tricks to Learn Spanish Super Fast

Written by Maria Fernandez

Pages: 64

ISBN: 9780954532093

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Let me show you how to go from beginner to fluent amazingly fast. In my tips, there are no expensive courses involved, or moving to Spain, or spending four hours a day studying, or tedious memorising.

Instead, I walk you step by step through how to develop your listening skills fast, how to start speaking today, how to remember words forever, and how to master the pronunciation easily. 

In just a few pages, I show you how to make the most of your limited time, and the time-wasting things to avoid. I also show you how to enjoy your Spanish lessons, boost your motivation, and create a daily learning habit. The tips in this short guide helped me become fluent in English, the language I now use in my career and daily life.

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