Look inside Maria's Spanish course

  • It gets you speaking

    Are you unable to say much in Spanish? With fun lessons & drills, this course takes you on an easy path to fluency.

  • It gets you understanding

    Imagine you could understand Spanish without trouble. This course will skyrocket your listening skills fast.

  • It's fun

    Learning Spanish doesn't have to be boring. Most courses are mind-numbing, but not this one. It's fun and engaging.

  • It's 100% risk-free

    This course comes with a 30-day full money-back guarantee. Unhappy with the course? I'll send you a refund, no questions asked!

  • It's affordable

    For a very small amount you get unlimited access to all the lessons. And the price will never go up for you. Guaranteed.

  • It's mobile

    You can play all the Spanish lessons, any time. Wherever you are. On every device you've got. As often as you want.

  • It's step by step

    You'll never get lost or confused. And you won't have to wonder what to do next, because I guide you all the way.

  • It's bite-sized

    You're busy. You've only got a few minutes here and there. And that's all you need to play these short Spanish lessons.

Speak Spanish from today

With this course you'll start speaking Spanish within minutes.
Step by step, I'll help you put words together. You'll soon be able to build your own Spanish sentences.



Understand Spanish without trouble

Are you finding it hard to understand spoken Spanish?
This course brings you tons of line by line conversations and listening drills. Soon, you won't have any trouble understanding Spanish.



Learn all the essential Spanish words

Do you want to learn the Spanish words you'll need on your vacation?
With the vocabulary audio flashcards, you'll soon become familiar with hundreds of words. And you'll remember them forever.



Get a fabulous Spanish accent

Are you having trouble with your Spanish accent? Do people ask you to repeat what you said?
Imagine being understood by everyone. That's what you'll get with this easy Spanish course.



Learn the basics fast

Imagine learning the Spanish verbs fast and easily. Imagine getting 'el' and 'la' always right.
With this course, you'll master all the essentials with easy lessons, drills and quizzes.



Join this Spanish course today. It's risk-free.

With a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. No questions asked.

30 day full money back guarantee

FAQs about this Spanish course

Does this course come with a money-back guarantee?
Yes. You take no risk at all when you subscribe to this Spanish course. If for any reason it doesn’t suit you, you get all your money back within 30 days of joining. Just drop me an email, and I’ll send you a full refund. No questions asked.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
Yes. When you subscribe to the Monthly Subscription, you can cancel your monthly payments at any time, with no penalty.

Will this course work on all my devices?
Yes. You can play the lessons on all your devices: computer, tablet, phone, tv ...

Do I have to download anything?
No. This course doesn't take any of your computer, tablet or phone space. All the lessons are hosted by KeRapido. And you can access them 24/7, with no limitations.

Do I need to be online to play the lessons?
Yes. You'll need a connexion to play the lessons.

Will it take me a whole year to finish this course?
No. Completing the course usually takes just a few months.

But you’ll want to review the vocabulary flashcards from time to time. And it’s handy to be able to check the pronunciation rules, common phrases, and other course material when you need it. That’s why I offer you the 12-month subscription at a great price.

Who is this course for?
This Spanish course is for beginners and 'false beginners'. If you've done some Spanish in the past, but can't put words together easily, this course is ideal for you. If you can't understand spoken Spanish, it's a dream. And if you want to be taken step by step from the start, that's what this course does.

Are the lessons for Castilian Spanish or Latin American Spanish?
Castilian Spanish. With my lessons you learn to pronounce Spanish with a Castilian accent.

How much will I learn with this course?
This Spanish course takes you from a beginner's level to a comfortable intermediate level.

Will I need to use a dictionary?
No. This Spanish course gives you the translation of all the words and phrases in the conversations, exercises, drills and examples. You'll never need to use a separate dictionary.

Are all the lessons available from day 1?
Yes. You can play the 24 lessons from the moment you subscribe. That includes all the flashcards, line by line conversations, exercises, drills and quizzes. Everything.

What’s the difference between this online course and your book+mp3 course?
This Spanish online course is the interactive online version of my book+mp3 course. They both bring you the same lessons, but with this online course you can also:

  • Listen to the conversations line by line
  • Play the vocabulary & pronunciation flashcards
  • Play the interactive speaking & listening drills
  • Play the interactive quizzes