With these short Spanish lessons you will:

  • Understand spoken Spanish

    You'll be able to understand spoken Spanish without trouble. Even when natives are speaking fast. No more: "¿Qué?"

  • Speak Spanish from today

    I'll guide you through my step-by-step speaking drills to help you become fluent fast. Start speaking with me within minutes!

  • Avoid pronunciation mistakes

    With my tips & drills, you'll quickly develop a great Spanish accent. So people will be able to understand everything you say.

  • Learn all the words you'll need

    I'll give you dozens of drills and exercises to master the most common words. Plus easy tips to remember them forever.

  • Master the Spanish verbs

    You'll learn the main regular and irregular verbs fast. I'll give you plenty of fun drills to master them. And great learning tips.

  • Download & learn on the go

    Download these Spanish lessons and play them on any device. Wherever you are. Make the most of your precious time!

These are the lessons you'll get:

Lessons for developing your listening skills


You'll get these and more lessons that'll help you understand Spanish better:

  • Spanish conversation with greetings
  • Spanish conversation at the hotel
  • Common Spanish idioms with animals
  • Spanish listening drills
  • How to understand spoken Spanish without trouble
  • Spanish conversation at a restaurant
  • Common Spanish proverbs
  • Using the Spanish verb DECIR in the present tense
  • Spanish conversation - Ordering drinks
  • Spanish food phrases & sentences, with drills
  • Spanish dictation exercise
  • Using the Spanish verb DAR
  • Maria Fernandez is a first-rate teacher of Spanish. Her podcast is put forth with care and compassion for those who really desire to learn Spanish. I highly recommend this podcast!!
    review on iTunes US, from M. L. Musick
  • I have never studied a second language before. These were easy enough for a beginner and there are plenty of extra materials to help too.
    review on iTunes Australia, from Jillwesley54
  • Great material that gave me confidence to give my Spanish an awesome lift. Much appreciated
    review on iTunes UK, from Ajesse11x

Lessons for developing your speaking skills

You'll get these and more lessons to practise speaking Spanish:

  • Building short sentences in Spanish
  • How to speak better Spanish within a few days

  • How to order food in Spanish
  • Spanish expressions with the verb ESTAR
  • Telling the time in Spanish [with printable flashcards]
  • Asking questions in Spanish
  • Common Spanish expressions with POR
  • Running words together in Spanish
  • How to say HELLO in Spanish, and more
  • Spanish speaking practice - At the hotel
  • When to drop YO and TÚ in Spanish
  • How to order drinks in Spanish
  • How to say where you’re from in Spanish
  • Spanish speaking practice - At a restaurant
  • Spanish speaking practice - Ordering drinks
  • Let’s do some role playing
  • Spanish tongue twister
  • Spanish joke
  • I’m one of those adult language learners that gets tongue-tied when I try to say something in Spanish. Maria Fernandez’ podcasts help you over that by simple, realistic dialogs (said both slowly and then at conversational speed with time for you to repeat) interspersed with lessons on counting, practice on common verbs, and on and on. I highly recommend this podcast for beginning and intermediate learners.
    review on iTunes US, from Jubilada-46
  • I just started listening to Speak Spanish with Maria Fernandez and this is so refreshing. I have struggled in my Spanish language learning in the past few months. Maria’s podcast breaks it down to a simple way of learning in context and with realistic dialogs. She is able to keep my attention and I can’t wait to start practicing on my Spanish friends of what I have learned so far! ¡Muchas Gracias!
    review on iTunes US, from Preacher of the Gospel
  • A great way to learn Spanish. I listen in my car, while taking the kids to school. We used to hear the news, but learning a new language when commuting proved to be a much better choice. The kids repeat the drills with me, and have fun trying to imitate Maria’s accent. Excellent podcasts! Well done Maria ;)
    review on iTunes Brazil, from André Strauss

Lessons for developing a great Spanish accent

You'll get these and more lessons to help you with your Spanish pronunciation:

  • Common Spanish pronunciation mistakes English speakers make
  • How to improve your Spanish accent in an hour
  • How to pronounce the letter A in Spanish
  • How to pronounce the letter E in Spanish
  • Is the Spanish letter E ever silent?
  • How to pronounce the letter ‘i’ in Spanish
  • When is the Spanish letter U silent?
  • How to roll the double R
  • PERO & PERRO. How do you pronounce them?
  • How to get rid of bad Spanish pronunciation habits
  • How to pronounce the H in Spanish
  • Difficult to pronounce everyday Spanish words
  • Famous Spanish people - How do you say their names?
  • Case studies: Spanish pronunciation assessments
  • These podcasts that focus on pronunciation will help you realize what your pronunciation and intonation mistakes are! You must give them a listen.
    review on iTunes US, from Nani Florez
  • I find Maria’s pronunciation podcasts to be an invaluable tool in the area where I need the most work - speaking. It is so easy to fall back into saying vowels the English way, and having this podcast at my fingertips reminds me to review and remember. Incredibly helpful is the instruction of where to place your tongue to get the correct sound! The other lessons are full of extremely useful information also.
    review on iTunes US, from Che KMJ
  • This is fabulous, great step by step. Can’t wait till my next lessons
    review on iTunes UK, from Milan debrowski

Lessons for learning words & remembering them

You'll get these and more lessons to learn and play with common Spanish words:

  • Common Spanish idioms. 5 everyday examples
  • Spanish false friends
  • Spanish true friends
  • Spanish nouns ending in ‘dad’ - Spanish gender rules
  • How to memorise Spanish words easily
  • Spanish masculine nouns ending in A
  • Animals in Spanish [with printable flashcards]
  • Spanish vocabulary lesson: Greetings
  • Spanish numbers [with printable flashcards]
  • Clothes in Spanish
  • How to build the plural of feminine & masculine nouns
  • Colours in Spanish
  • The family in Spanish
  • Days of the week & months in Spanish
  • Ten Spanish words you’ve always known
  • Countries & nationalities in Spanish
  • Ten Spanish masculine nouns that don’t end in O
  • The human body in Spanish
  • Ten common describing words in Spanish
  • I enjoy this podcast and find it very helpful. Maria is an experienced teacher and knows how students learn. I have listened to other podcasts and find her way of talking, clear and repetitive, useful in learning. To this day I remember “pajaro” from her lesson with the animals. I am not done yet but listen to it on my commute to work in the car. Thank you Maria, ¡gracias!!
    review on iTunes Canada, from Survice (Alexander)
  • Really well produced podcast. Very clear pronunciation and great lessons & tips. I have learned a lot from this podcast, especially episode #085 The human body in Spanish. Maria has carefully thought out these lessons and I would recommend them highly. Because the lessons are short they can be listened to while commuting. They provide a great way to progress from beginner through to intermediate and advanced.
    review on iTunes Ireland, from Ray Fallon13
  • These podcasts are informative, well pace and relevant to the real world. Maria is a star for producing them
    review on iTunes UK, from Terrier6

Lessons for mastering the Spanish verbs

You'll get these and more lessons to help you become familiar with the Spanish verbs:

  • Spanish -AR verbs: presente tense
  • Spanish verb QUERER [with printable flashcards]
  • The future tense of Spanish -AR verbs
  • How to stop feeling overwhelmed by the Spanish verbs
  • Verb DAR in the present tense
  • Future tense - Irregular verbs
  • Ten common expressions with the verb SER
  • Spanish verb PODER
  • Common Spanish verbs that express motion
  • Preterite or imperfect? Which Spanish tense should I use?
  • Verb DECIR in the present tense
  • Spanish verb IR in the present tense
  • Difference between IR & VENIR
  • Verb TENER in the present tense
  • The Spanish verb QUEDAR. How and when to use it
  • Master the Spanish subjunctive: present of regular -AR verbs
  • Are there any Spanish verb tenses I could safely NOT learn for now?
  • This is an awesome podcast. It’s simple and easy to follow. Not boring.. I love that I can listen and practice on the way to work in the a.m. I keep repeating especially on the verbs… love it! Thanks Maria
    review on iTunes US, from lilguhl
  • I have been listening to her podcasts for over one year. I enjoyed them so much that I have started to repeat the classes. Her approach of integrating the spoken language with vocabulary drills and grammar is refreshing. It makes it much easier to remember the basics. I liked the podcasts so much I purchased the “Learn Spanish at Your Own Pace” book and audio series. It is also great!
    review on iTunes US, from hlwarren
  • Been trying to learn Spanish for some time without much success until now, this is well worth a try, I’ve learned a lot in a short time.
    review on iTunes UK, from 1strev1ew

Lessons with Maria's best learning tips

You'll get these and more lessons to help you make the most of your time:

  • How to master speaking Spanish
  • How to learn Spanish when you're busy
  • Three things I wish someone had told me when I started learning languages
  • How to learn Spanish vocabulary fast
  • The power of having tiny Spanish learning goals
  • Three things successful Spanish learners do differently
  • How to teach yourself Spanish
  • How to master the Spanish numbers easily
  • Frustrations of language learning - And how to avoid them
  • How to go through a Spanish lesson, step by step
  • What’s the easiest way to learn the Spanish regular verbs?
  • How to find the motivation to study Spanish every day
  • Spanish language exams - How do you get a top grade?
  • Fatal Spanish learning mistakes & how to avoid them
  • How to make your Spanish fit into your lifestyle
  • How to learn Spanish (a lot) faster
  • This podcast is a great learning tool with bite size lessons. Maria shares amazing tips and lots of encouragement. By listening to her podcast in addition to working through her course, I actually can see the progress! Thank you!
    review on iTunes US, from spk2016
  • I love the common sense approach that Maria has to teaching Spanish. The podcasts are a great addition to her course!
    review on iTunes US, from Skydisaster
  • I have always found it difficult to study generally and tend to lose interest quickly. But with Maria’s structure I have found it very refreshing and extremely helpful in keeping me both interested and keen to keep going. So I would thoroughly recommend anyone wanting to learn Spanish to try Maria’s lessons.
    review on iTunes UK, from Digicomm

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Do these lessons come with a money-back guarantee?
Yes. You take no risk at all when you buy these Spanish lessons. If for any reason they don’t suit you, you get all your money back within 30 days of purchase. Just drop me an email, and I’ll send you a full refund. No questions asked.

Will these lessons play on all my devices?
Yes. You can play the lessons on all your devices: computer, tablet, phone, and tv.

Can I download the lessons immediately?
Yes. You can download them as soon as you make your payment.

Can I download those lessons from iTunes?
Not anymore. You can only find those lessons on this website.

Are these the same lessons that were on your podcast?
Yes. These are the lessons that used to be on my podcast "Speak Spanish with Maria Fernandez". Continuing the podcast became unaffordable, that's why I'm now offering them to you in a bundle for a small price. With a bonus: there are some new video, audio and pdf lessons that are exclusive to this bundle :)

Do I need to be online to play the lessons?
No. Once you've downloaded them, you can play them offline on any device you've got.

Who are these lessons for?
I've created these lessons for you to learn Spanish on the go. Wherever you are, you can play the listening and speaking drills, conversations, pronunciation exercises, verb drills, and learning tips. And you can read the pdf lessons.

How long is each lesson?
Most of the audio lessons are about 10 minutes long. There are a couple of 30-minute lessons, and a few very short ones. The video lessons are around 3 minutes long each, and there are two 30-minute videos.

Are the lessons for Castilian Spanish or Latin American Spanish?
Castilian Spanish. With my lessons you learn to pronounce Spanish with a Castilian accent.

How many Spanish courses do you offer?
I've created 3 Spanish courses: these Audio Lessons, my Book + MP3 Course, and my Online Course.

What’s the difference between these Spanish Audio Lessons and your Book + MP3 course?
These Spanish Audio Lessons are a set of 5 to 10-minute audio, pdf and video lessons you can play on the go. They focus on the most relevant issues of the Spanish language, but they're not a step by step course.

My Book + MP3 course course is a step by step set of 24 lessons that take you to an intermediate level. Each lesson contains: conversations, vocabulary, pronunciation practice, grammar, sentence building exercises, and four drills.

Tell me more about your Spanish Online Course
My Spanish Online Course is the interactive online version of my Book + MP3 Course. They both bring you the same lessons.

The interactive Online Course is on a subscription basis, and you need to be online to access it. My Book + MP3 course is a one-off payment, and you can play it offline, with no need to be connected to the web.